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The Jerusalem Panorama Hotel is situated on the Hill of Gethsemane overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and within walking distance from the Old City Walls.

The design of the hotel was envisaged to capture the best of its unique situation, whether you are relaxing in your bedroom balcony or dining in the elegant dining room, in an atmosphere of ultra-modern luxury, you have a priceless view of the world's most famous city "Jerusalem the Golden".

The view from the west side of the hotel embraces the magnificent Dome of the Rock, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the holiest Church of the Christendom, Mount Zion, The Kedron Valley and the famous Historical Gates.

From the north part of the hotel you can see the Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, The Church of all nations, while from the eastern side you have a panoramic view of Bethpage, from where the Palm Sunday Procession winds its way to Jerusalem, Bethany the site of Lazarus rising and from afar the mountains of Moab and the Dead Sea. A few miles south lies Bethlehem with its ancient Church of the Nativity.

  • Panoramic view to The Old City, Alaqsa Mosque, Dome of The Rock, Holy
    Sepulcher, Western Wall, Saint Mary Magdalene
  • 24 hr Check-in, staff and service
  • Palestinian Medeterranian, Oriental, and Western Cuisine as well
  • Families owned hotel
  • A short walk to the heart of the Old City, as well as to some of the
    most holy places for Christians, Muslims, and Jews


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